Lash Business Opportunity!

As we all know, starting your own business comes with many challenges. From investing a considerable amount of money to designing and manufacturing products, and then spending most of your energy and time in trying to grow that business so you can recover your initial  investment your first couple of years. Nowadays, you have more attainable options to start your own business and be part of something bigger.  In LASHOLOGY we understand how hard is to make the first steps toward owning your business and we choose to be on your side throughout your whole journey!

What is the difference between Lashology and other social focused businesses?

As a LASHOLOGY Business Partner, you'll receive all the tools, preparation, and knowledge you need to start your very own Lash Business.  You have multiple options to generate income, even if you don't feel confortable selling— from offering lash lift services (after we educate & certify you on the process), sharing game-changer lash products with your clients, and sharing the opportunity to start a business with like-minded people. In Lashology we make a commitment to guide you step-by-step but you are in charge of your business charge—is up to you how much and when to work, how to share, who to work with, and that's just the beginning to a new empowered you! 

We take the responsability for all the complicated time-consuming logistics, we do the shipping & handling, product research & improvement, product photography, certifications on breakthrough lash lifting techniques, so you can maximize your earnings and stay on top of the game.  Our extraordinary boss-lady philosophy empowers you to keep growing and expanding while realizing your potential.  

We succeed together, as a whole. What could be more empowering than that? We believe that education leads to self-confidence and a feeling of achievement, that's why our community is built on the foundation of lifting each other up and sharing knowledge constantly.  When you join us as a #lashbossbabe business partner you'll have access to our Private Facebook Group, where we'll host weekly lives that will provide you all the strategy behind  starting and scaling a successful business. 



The Lashology Fam